The Best Moving Boxes in The UK: Big Brown Box

Are you selling up and relocating?  Then you will need a substantial amount of packing boxes. Quality, quantity, and price are the main factors which you should consider when you are choosing moving boxes. Not sure where to start, Big Brown Box have helped us with our moving boxes and kit guide. 

Start By Decluttering

If you are downsizing and moving away to a peaceful place on the west coast, the best thing you can do is to declutter. Taking all of your old brick-a-brac to your old home will not serve you well – think of this move as a fresh start.

If you are getting rid of goods like clothes and ornaments, why not go to a local jumble sale or give your goods to a charity shop – either way, don’t let your old goods go to waste!

moving home kit

Packing Boxes

When you are packing your moving house boxes make sure that you have the right materials ready. This is important if you want to secure and fill your boxes in the safest way.

Whether you are moving your goods a long journey away from your home or not make sure that they are wrapped carefully with a filling material like bubble wrap of loose fill chips. Make a list of everything you will need and include:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Old newspapers
  • Stretch wrap for furniture
  • Marker
  • Labels

The smoothest move you can make when you are relocating is to label your boxes. Make sure that you have your handy permanent comes to write the contents of each box on the side, so you can easily see what’s inside a glance.

Moving Boxes

Big Brown Box suggests that you start off with the basics. To be successful the foundation of any house moving kit is, of course, moving boxes.

It is recommended that you purchase a range of boxes from a packaging supplier. Some will even have their own moving home kits. You will need a mix of the following boxes: small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, heavy duty boxes and wardrobe boxes.


moving Boxes

Boxing Up

Big Brown Box say that “moving home, office, workshop, or any other premise can be a stressful business. Organising movers and packers, renting vans, and confirming dates are just some of the things on a long list of worries when it comes to moving. What should not be on that list are packing boxes”.

It is reccomened that you get your boxes early. Make sure that you are not waiting to the last minute to get what you need. You may be tempted to avoid packing your goods so you can keep them out so you can use them – don’t. The less stress on the day the better.

If you are moving to a large house, start packing your goods two months in advance, experts say that this should be enough if you pack at least one box a day. If you are moving into a smaller flat or home, aim for one month in advance.