What Is The Most Effective Way To Read A Book

What Is The Most Effective Way To Read A Book and What Can One Do After Reading?

Reading is one of the best and most admirable habits for a lot of people across the world. It is a habit that everyone should have in their life regardless of age. Reading helps people to improve their knowledge, understanding, skills, and become competitive in a world where everything is changing very quickly. Reading books or any other things has a lot of benefits in our personal, social and professional life. Books play an imperative role of a teacher, guide and role model that lets us improve our awareness on different subjects and acquire knowledge about the things in which we are not familiar with.

Reading books stimulates your brain, your imagination, and your overall life. Reading books lets you get knowledge of our past ancestors, cultures, and civilizations with ease. Reading a book or any other materials offers us mental stimulation, stress reduction, vocabulary expansion, improved memory, heightened analytical thinking, better focus, entertainment, stronger bonds, better understandings about different subjects, etc. However, a lot of people used to struggle when they start reading a text because they don’t know how to read a book in a most effective way. People can read about anything because books are available to read about anything in the world.

Here are some of the most effective way to read a book and what can one do after reading:

Begin Reading from the Beginning

One of the most effective means to reach a book is starting reading from the beginning. There are a lot of people in the world who loves to read the last pages of the book in the beginning and it is not a good method o reading. You will lose the excitement and fun of reading if you read any book including novels, short stories, etc from the past pages. You will not understand anything from your reading if you read the books from the bottom pages of a book. So, you should start reading your book from the beginning and it will help you to grasp what the author of the book is actually trying to convey to the readers like you.

Read From the Start to End

There are a lot of people who may suggest you that you don’t have to read a book from the start to end with full attention. But, you should read the book from its start to the end in order to fully understand what the author is trying to express. You will not even understand what the other is trying to say if you start reading from the mid part of the book or the last part of the book. You will not comprehend the book and its message if you read only a few pages of the book. You have to read the full book, especially from the start to the end in order to understand the whole book.

You Don’t Have To Read Only the Front, Middle or End

A lot of people love to read only the front part, the middle part of the end part of the book. It is a very poor decision on the part of the reader because they can gain nothing from their reading. When you decide to read a book, spend your time to read the complete text so that you can make the best use of the time you spend for reading the book. You can understand the whole message and theme of the book by reading it from the first page to the last page of your book.

Pace Yourself

When you start reading your book, start very slowly because it may take a few pages reading to et used to the writing style of the writer and theme of the book. However, you can pace yourself once you read a few pages of your chosen book. You can read fast, or speed up reading after understanding writer’s writing style and the theme of the book. Make sure to pace yourself to the extent you can understand the reading. Don’t go very fast because you may not be able to grasp the meaning of the book completely. So, determine your average reading speed and it helps you to get better your overall reading.

Take Breaks When You Read

It is important for you to take regular intervals when you read a book. You cannot read a book at a stretch and you need breaks so that you can refresh yourself. You may find it hard to read the whole book continuously and taking breaks will let you make yourself free from boredom or sleeping tendencies. You may lose your concentration if you focus on reading a book for many hours with no break. Thus, take intervals in between and make sure that you are free from boredom and drowsy while reading books.


What Can One Do After Reading?

There are indeed a lot of things that you can do while reading or after reading a book, including bringing into play the table of contents to find particular chapters or sections. Think about marking interesting or key passages, mull over writing important notes or explanations.

  • Take Notes

You can take notes while reading a book. One of the finest ways to better sort out and hook up ideas is to read books with pen in hand as it lets you take notes while reading. It will help you to keep in mind the key points of your book for a long time. Taking notes will also help you to get a good understanding of the book once you complete its reading. Taking notes will help you to mark important points or page number of the book that may help you to recollect important messages easily when you need it.

  • Write A Summary

Once you complete reading your book, you have to write a summary of the whole book. Writing summary will help you to call to mind the important themes, key points and messages of the book very easily. You can either prepare page by page notes, chapter by chapter notes or assemble a summary at the end of reading a book. The main aim of a summary is to organise the vital points and to make simpler the main argument or point of view of the author.



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