Glasgow City Best Eats Guide | The Hottest Restaurants to Try

best Indian restaurant Glasgow

Glasgow has always been a city full of the best bars and eateries in Scotland. Recently, more and more diverse cuisines have been popping up across the city so you can taste the world from your doorstep. From the trendiest vegan cafes to the best Indian restaurant Glasgow we have the must try guide to the cities hottest Restaurants to try.

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Upholstery Edinburgh: How to Care for Your Furniture

Upholstery Edinburgh

It is inevitable that furniture will see wear and tear. It doesn’t matter if you have kids, pets or live alone – accidents happen. From spilling wine to your cat scratching it, there are a million different things that can mean that you need upholstery Edinburgh. Once you have had your furniture refurbished you may be extra cautious as you don’t want another trip again so soon. Luckily, the good people over at Nu-Rest (an upholstery company with over 60 years’ experience) have given a handy guide of the do’s and don’ts to keep your furniture looking fresh:

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How to Stay Healthy This Winter

Winter has engulfed us once more in freezing showers, grey clouds and dark days. Although there are a lot of festivities to be had and social occasions to enjoy this time of year, a lot of it is grim with wild weather. Unfortunately illness comes hand in hand with colder months. There are lots of bugs and germs being exchanged every day and it is far too easy to catch a cold or worse the flu. There are a few sure ways to avoid coming down with the weather. Follow this guide help stay well this winter.

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Islay Whisky – Sending Smoke Signals With Whisky

An islay whisky distillery

Scotland is a magical country. There is simply no countryside quite like it, and if you ever get to see it, it’s obvious why Scotland has provided so many visual backdrops for TV and Cinema. The steel grey of stone contrasts beautifully with the emerald green of the grass, the rich purple of the heather, and, if you’re by the coast, the royal blue of the Atlantic. The country has also given us some of the technological advancements that have allowed us to live the comfortable lives we do today. None of these are Scotland’s greatest gift to world however. That takes the form of a beautiful amber liquid called whisky. Whisky – which comes from the Scots Gaelic Uisge Beatha, meaning Water of Life – has a reputation for being a strong flavoured drink, with none upholding this reputation better than Islay whisky.

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Improving Your Fitness & Wellbeing Will Make You More Successful

Unfortunately, there are no miracles when it comes to losing weight. Instead of hoping and dreaming it may be time for you to create a fitness programme that will improve your health and one that will make you feel more confident about your appearance.

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How Your Business Life Could Benefit from Fitness



Getting your hands on a gym membership has many obvious advantages. Health, well-being, fitness, value and anything else anyone gets out of regularly going to a gym. There are however a few benefits which you may not have thought of. What if someone told you that a  city centre gym membership could help enhance your business life? Most would struggle to link both, however, we have thought of a few ways that link your work life and your fitness life. Have a look at a few ways which prove that a healthy life in the gym could mean a boost in your business life. Continue reading “How Your Business Life Could Benefit from Fitness” »