Glasgow Has The Best Face Lift Scotland Clinics and Botox Courses in the UK


The demand for cosmetic treatments in Glasgow continues to grow. Surgeons say that there is an increasing demand for cosmetic treatments from Scottish men and women. With Scots opting for cosmetic treatments like Botox in Glasgow.

Face Lift Scotland

It is true that these days, cosmetic surgery is no longer something which patients are choosing to keep secret. The Scots can’t get enough of it! Face lift Scotland doctors are now busier than ever before as figures have shown that face and neck lift surgery has risen by a mighty 16%!

One of the reasons facelifts have risen in popularity is that pain is no longer an issue as it now extremely common that face and neck lift surgery is performed under local anesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic. If the pain of a cosmetic treatment has put you off in the past this is no longer an issue.

facelift scotland

Botox Glasgow

People across the world are using wrinkle-relaxing injections are the world’s favourite non-surgical procedure, as they now account for 38% of procedures across the world.  These figures are reflected in the UKs figures as 39% of non-surgical treatments carried out are Botox injections.

It is true that Botox has travelled a long way from the glamourous Hollywood hills. It has recently been announced that Hollywood has some competition as Botox is said to be Scotland’s favourite treatment.

Scots travel across the country for Botox Glasgow treatment as it appears that Glasweigans have the best clinics in Scotland. Glasgow clinics use the best treatments when it comes to botox and dermal fillers.

The Rise of Plastic Surgery in Glasgow

Did you know that the Scottish market of males looking for cosmetics has increased year on year for the last four years! These figures look to be increasing over the whole cosmetic sector as Percentages for both surgical non-surgical treatments has shot up.

The demand is higher than ever before as cosmetic treatments such a botox and dermal fillers can be used to create the illusion of younger, fresher skin – something that we are all aiming for.

Botox Glasgow consultant, Dr. Darren McKeown says that “Botulinum toxins have revolutionised our approach to facial ageing, particularly in the upper face.”

Botox Training Glasgow

There is a reason why Botox training is now so popular. “Botox” is a prescription drug which can only be prescribed by a professional, trained practitioner. The drug is actually, a protein which can be found in botulism toxin.

For years surgeons have been using the injectable to that smooth out the skin, eliminating any wrinkles which can be found in that area of the face. It has a number of uses as Botox relaxes facial muscles, leaving patients with a smoother face. The results are incredible and can be seen almost immediately.

Botox Training Glasgow brand, The Face Academy say that their vision “is to share knowledge, not monopolise it… to provide a unique learning platform for professionals; with pre-course e-learning, verifiable online CPD, and most importantly continuing support and advice throughout your practicing career”.