Fighting Media Disinformation- Importance Of The Web

The world wide web is an essential tool which is needed in the fight against disinformation overall. This is because over many generation governments and corrupt regimes have tried to suppress countries around the world by limiting their access to information overall and general knowledge.

This makes the population easier to control overall and also removes a vital link from the outside world overall. However around the world there are hackers as well as political activists who are working to change this and to stop the spread of disinformation and propaganda overall.

Present Day Regimes

There are a number of present day regimes overall worldwide that are exerting an influence over their citizens and preventing them from accessing a wide variety of different information. A classic example of this is that of the regulation of the internet and media in China.

China has a very closely knit government which likes to keep tabs on its people as well as ensure that the information they receive is drip fed and doctored to spin a government narrative. They use a large firewall to help do this which has become known as the great firewall of china.

Another well known present day regime which ensures that only doctored information is received by its people is that of North Korea. North Korea is run by a the Kim dynasty in a communist run regime. In order to retain this grip on power the government uses fear , intimidation and disinformation in order to discourage people from rebelling against it overall. This is partly done through strict internet restrictions. Furthermore , most citizens in North Korea simply do not have internet access.

Resisting Disinformation And Propaganda

There are many different ways in which people around the world are taking action against these regimes overall. One of the many ways in which action is being taken overall is through the use of “ethical hacking” in some locations across the world hackers are teaming up to do cyber attacks on corrupt regimes or to leak masses of documents from the government in order to try and weaken their footing overall.

This can have varying levels of effectiveness and doesn’t always make a significant difference. However what it does do is indicate to governments that the spread of disinformation and restriction of information in their country will be openly and actively challenged. Thankfully propaganda isn’t as effective as it was centuries ago as although the internet is restricted there are still some unrestricted internet cafes which can often be sought out.

There have also been websites setup in order to champion freedom of information around the world. Once of the most well known and controversial sites is known as Wikileaks. Wikileaks is a website which has millions of documents stored on cloud servers with confidential government cables as well as military documents available to view. It has become infamous for exposing mass US and UK war crimes mainly in Iraq and also Afghanistan. Overall in conclusion it is clear that there is a variety of different ways in which information can be accessed widely on the internet.