Moving House? Use Secure Storage Scotland

Moving house is a daunting and time consuming process, between dealing with legalities around dates to packing up your belongings, secure storage Scotland has you covered!

Here is our top tips on how to move house will no stress

Secure Storage Scotland

Tip 1: If Someone Offers To Help You Pack – Accept It!

It can be a bit odd asking people to help pack, move and unpack all your personal belongings, especially if you have an idea of where you want to place everything. However if your friends and family offer some help, you should definitely take it! Moving house can be so time consuming, so extra hands is always beneficial to save time, and save costs so you don’t have to spend extra money on professional movers.

Tip 2: Budget For Some Professional Moving If You Can

If you live away from your friends and family and don’t have the extra hands needed there are a number of professional moving companies that you can hire for an agreed price. They will have special moving vans which can fit larger furniture such as your bed and sofa.

Secure Storage Scotland

Tip 3: Take A Few Days Off Work

This is key! You want to get into a ‘roll’ with unpacking and organising everything into its correct place and you don’t want to have to break it up by going to work. Take a few days off so you’re not burning the candle at both ends, get in snacks and coffee and enjoy!

Tip 4: Use Secure Storage Scotland

If, for example you sell your house but your move in date isn’t for another week or so, then you can use companies such as Hassle Free Storage who can keep all your belongings, such as sofa, television, clothing and kitchen goods locked up safely until you are ready to move in.

Secure Storage Scotland

Tip 5: Labelling Is Key

If you are super organised and have a vision of how you want everything to look then label all your boxes as you are packing up your old house. That means if you are looking for something in particular you wont have to scour through all your boxes to find it.

Tip 6: Pack By Room

This is another organisation tip! Pack by room that means you can do one room at a time which will evidently save you time in the long run. You will know what rooms are a priority – for example bathroom, kitchen and bedroom should all be unpacked first.